Product Catalogue Sync


CEE Product Catalogue helps you upload your store and product data to CEE ecosystem and make it available for your growth marketing strategy.
CEE supports Google Merchant Center's feed format. If you are already using the Google's feed format, you can seamlessly sync your product catalogue with CEE

How it works?

The product catalogue is JSON array with key-value pair. While doing the dynamic email campaigns, marketer can mention the catalogue key or id and CEE shall insert the corresponding value.
e.g <g:price>1499.00</g:price>
The first product catalogue sync will happen manually. In order to do so, existing CEE customers can contact '[email protected]'.
Then, we'll sync the product catalogue at a frequency based on the client's business need.
Note: The default sync frequency is 24 hrs.

Below is an example of product catalogue json format.

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:g="">
    <description>Online Products Example</description>

      <g:title>Jacket With Contrast Striped Sleeves</g:title>
      <g:material>Polyester Blended</g:material>
      <g:product_type><![CDATA[Coats & Jackets > Men Bomber Jackets]]></g:product_type>
      <g:google_product_category><![CDATA[Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Outerwear > Coats & Jackets]]></g:google_product_category>
      <g:description>Jacket by EXAMPLE
Made from polyester blended
        Baseball collar
        Front zipper fastening
        Side pockets
        Ribbed detail
        Long contrast sleeves
        Slim fit

				The indigenous fashion brand EXAMPLE is known for Jackets.
      <g:availability>in stock</g:availability>

Example in email broadcast:


As shown in the above screenshot, CEE will fetch description, price, quantity, total and total cost from the product catalogue data shared by the client.


Contact [email protected] to sync your product catalogue