FB Audience Targeting

Facebook Custom Audience is a set of contacts that you can create from your existing contact database. You can target Facebook Ad campaigns to these audiences.

CEE helps you create Custom Audiences out of existing CEE segments. You can choose to sync the segments automatically with the Custom Audience.

Currently, CEE syncs email addresses and mobile number with Facebook Custom Audience.


Using CEE for Facebook Custom Audiences comprises two steps:

  1. Authorise CEE to access your Facebook Ad Manager Account
  2. Create Custom Audiences

Authorising CEE to access Facebook Ad Manager Account
In order to create Custom Audiences through CEE, you need to allow CEE to access your Ad Manager Account.

To authorise CEE, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Assets > Social > Facebook Custom Audience.
  • Click the Add Account link. You will be redirected to your Facebook’s page.
  • If you are not logged in, log in to your account. In the page that appears, confirm that you allow CEE to manage your adverts.
  • Click OK. You would be redirected to the CEE. The Map Ad Accounts dialog box appears.
  • All the ad accounts associated with Ad Manager Account are listed. Check the ones that you want to use for CEE.
  • Click Save.

The Ad Manager Account is added to CEE.

You can view, edit, or delete the account by clicking the respective links provided for the same.

Creating Custom Audience in CEE
To create a Custom Audience in CEE:

  • Go to Campaigns > Audience Targeting.
  • Click Create Custom Audience.
  • In the Create Facebook Custom Audience page:
  • In the Custom Audience Name field, provide a relevant name for the CA you are creating.
  • From the CEE Segment drop-down, select the segment from which you want to create the CA.
  • From the Ad Account drop-down, select the account to which this CA in context would belong.
  • Click Save.

The CA is created and is displayed in the Facebook Custom Audience Dashboard.

Syncing the Custom Audience with CEE The segments in CEE are not static, and hence the Custom Audiences created from these segments have to be updated. You can enable or disable the automatic syncing of the Custom Audiences with their respective segments by toggling the Auto Sync button provided against each CA in the dashboard. On enabling the Auto Sync, the segments and CA are periodically synced. Alternatively, you can click the Sync Now link for manual syncing.

Status of Custom Audiences

Facebook shows the following statuses for the Custom Audience. You can view the same in CEE’s Facecbook Custom Audience dashboard:

Low Audience – Facebook has defined a certain minimum number of contacts that must exist in the Custom Audience. If the segment has fewer contacts than this number, the status is displayed as Low Audience.
Ready – The Custom Audience is ready for use.
In Progress – The creation of Custom Audience is in progress.
Failed – The Custom Audience could not be created/updated.