Flutter SDK

Smartech Nudges Flutter SDK 1.1.0

Released: 7th Dec 2023 | Product: PX


  • Handled list of overlays in the app builder. Please note the integration change to implement this - refer to integration document here

Smartech Base Flutter SDK 3.2.9

Released: 27th Nov 2023 | Product: CE


  • Released Android 14 BroadcastReciever-related changes.

Smartech Nudges Flutter SDK 1.0.9

Released: 10th Oct 2023 | Product: PX


  • Fixed the issue where screen was not getting captured for the iOS flutter app.

Smartech Nudges Flutter SDK 1.0.8

Released: 20th Sep 2023 | Product: PX


  • Fixed issue shown while publishing the app "Your app contains an unsafe unzipping pattern".