BIMI- Brand Indicators for Message Identification

What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI is an emerging email specification that enables the use of brand controlled logos within supporting email clients. BIMI leverages the work an organization has put into deploying DMARC protection, by bringing brand logos to the customers inbox . For the brand's logo to be displayed, the email must pass DMARC authentication checks, ensuring that the organization's Domain has not been impersonated.

With BIMI you can display your logos on your emails, control the logos that display with your email messages and cultivate immediate brand recognition and enhanced user experience.

It's a simple way to display your brand. BIMI allows email users to see logos associated with specific brands sending authenticated email. A better way to ensure recognition , BIMI removes the substantial burden of assigning , managing and maintaining a brand indicator and allows you to manage on your own. BIMI takes an opaque process (how logos get assigned) and allows you to choose for yourself.

Getting started with BIMI, start your journey with BIMI by reading the implementation guide.

Step 1: authenticate all of your organizations emails with SPF, DKIM and DMARC- ensure all are aligned

  • DMARC policy must be at enforcement either “p=quarantine” or “p=reject” on the organizational
  • No sp=none or pct<100
  • Need DMARC help? Head over to for the latest information

Step 2: Produce an SVG tiny PS version of your official logo

Step 3: Publish a BIMI record for your domain in DNS.

  • a= tag is currently optional
  • default._bimi.[domain] IN TXT “v=BIMI1; l=[SVG URL]; a=[PEM URL]
  • Validate or create your BIMI record with the BIMI Inspector


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