Advanced Editor features

Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks allow you to change the content that is shown to recipient of an email depending on who the recipient is.

You will have the ability to pick a condition basis the attributes that are present in the panel and apply it to a row, and thus show different content based on who the recipient (or viewer) is.

The feature provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Saves the effort to create different segments.
  • Saves the effort to schedule multiple campaigns.
  • Multiple conditions can be applied at one go to decide which block should be visible to which customer.

Save Rows

Save Rows allows users to select a row in a message and save it for later use. More specifically, it allows users to submit a request to the host application to save a piece of content and turn it into a reusable element.

In case you have rows that are reused again and again, you can now save these rows and reuse them in your future campaigns. Once you have designed the row as per your expectation, you can click on the "Save" icon on the right side panel and save the row along with a name for the row.

Next time when you want to use the same row again, you can just drag and drop it on the canvas by searching for the saved row.

Custom Rows

Custom rows are similar in nature to Saved rows, just the difference being that Custom rows are for all customers whereas Save rows is only for the rows that you have created and saved in your panel. As with Save rows, you can find the required Custom row of your choice and drag & drop it in your canvas.