Product Collection for App Push Notifications via Journeys

This is available on APN 2.0 only, So one has to upgrade themselves from APN 1.0 to 2.0 , Except that its available to all customers across all servers.

Product Collection or the ability to send a bunch of product images, Product Urls, personalized to a specific primary key in one go, was primarily available on email only via the Advanced drag and Drop editor.

Now, it has been available for App push Notifications as well.

Starting with template creation
A new block called as the Show Product has been introduced in the template creation flow of APN. The Show Product block enables you to create either a Raman Recommendation or a Product Collection template.
Going one by one a Raman Reco. supports a few recommendation types for eg.

  1. Recommended for you
  2. Based on your Cart Abandonment
  3. Based on your latest buying pattern.
  4. Based on your latest viewing pattern.
  5. Bestselling
  6. Hot and trending
  7. Recently Viewed
  8. New Arrivals.


If you feel that you want more recommendation types or you have any feature requests you can always register your request here.

Additionally you can set filters for recommended products basis category ; Name ; mrp_val; msp ; currency etc, any custom attribute that you may want.
Product locale the language filter can also be applied here.

Coming to the Product Collection option, one would have to choose activity that would trigger the product collection, we call it the Abandon activity. We also have a claim activity which is available while selecting the same template in Journey, we will come to that later. In short Claim activity is the one we intend for the user to do where as Abandon activity is the one that triggers the Product collection.

For eg. A cart abandonment Product Collection would be having Abandon activity as Add to cart whereas a claim activity of Product Purchase.
A video explanation is always better, check this out!

Similarly one can implement lot of use cases for PC basis Wishlist added items, Items viewed, Items Purchased, items added to cart , Items at checkout stage, etc. Currently we support a maximum of 5 Images , and anything equal to 2 or more images makes it by default a carousel APN although you still have an option to decide whether you want it in portrait or in landscape mode.

Coming to Media URL, Title , Description, CTA.
All similar options which were available within rich media as well. Pro Tip : Use Personalization basis activity selected for triggering Product collection. Make sure you select correct activity attributes, when in doubt check your Event asset from settings.


Important things to Note

Product collection is only available for trigger based journeys i.e. Activity Trigger, Geofence or a Business Activity Trigger.
One can access Product collection templates in Journey only if that is enabled on the Journey setup page.
Product collection is only available on APN 2.0

Make sure if you are creating any custom activity - It should have all the required parameters to support your product collection block, for eg. Prid, prqt, Product_url. The template would only be able to access available attributes if and only if they are made available to the custom activity.

Pushing Product Collection templates via Journeys.(This is the easiest part)
A explainer video would explain this very well.

Finally the Demo!