Digital marketing communication is all about conversations. Marketers converse with their audience through different channels like email, Browser Push Notifications, App Push Notifications, etc. Content and timing play a critical role in such conversations. Also, each contact’s behaviour is characterised by cognitive, affective or conative elements.

Most of the email marketers have the dilemma of finding a generic best day, best time or a specific best time on any given day for sending email campaigns. This often results in identifying the right time based on the group (or cumulative) behaviour of the audiences which may or may not be relevant to all the the target segments. Calendar seasonality also plays a critical role as the demand, and so the sales & promotions vary across the year. This gives rise to increase in email frequency making the marketer send a lot of reminder emails to find the right inbox placement position . This leads to decreased open rate or click rate.

In email marketing, Machine Learning can enable marketers to reach to their audience with the most suitable subject line content at the right time.

Send Time Optimisation (STO) helps the marketers in ensuring that the marketing communication is delivered to the each contact at the most suitable time of the day, when they are mostly likely to open the email. This feature works on the basis of the past behavior of each contact.

Even if the communication is delivered at the most appropriate time, the audience may not open the email for the want of a good and relevant subject line. Smartech’s Subject Line Optimisation (SLO) makes sure that the each contact’s email communication has the most relevant and personalised subject line from the set of ‘n’ subject lines created by the Marketer for a specific campaign.