Message Deduplication


Message deduplication is the process of removing duplicate messages from a campaign. In the context of messaging systems, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, message deduplication ensures that only single copy of message is delivered to recipients, avoiding unnecessary duplication.

Use case:
Data stored on the panel as follows in the list ID 123

135John[email protected]2398924171
246Martin[email protected]2398924171
790Rosy[email protected]2398924171

In a single broadcast campaign, if the above list is selected, all the above customers get the same email/SMS. Because common EMAIL/Mobile Number is present in front of multiple primary keys, the end customer receives the same communication multiple times.

If the user wants to send only single message to such customers, then he/she can enable "Deduplication" feature in broadcast campaigns. Refer to the snapshot:

How it works?

  • Following are the 3 scenarios:
    • This capability is accessible for Email, SMS, and WhatsApp broadcast campaigns if the panel's primary key (PK) is Customer ID (essentially any key other than email address and mobile number).
    • If the panel's primary key (PK) is Email Address, this capability is available for SMS and WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.
    • If the panel's primary key (PK) is Mobile Number, this capability is only available for Email broadcast campaigns.
  • This feature is only available to IA 2.0 clients.
  • When the campaign is at the Draft stage, the customer can make changes to the setup.
  • When the campaign is in the Sent stage, the customer cannot alter the configuration.
  • When you enable "Deduplication" at the campaign level, the system will automatically suppress duplicates (email addresses or mobile numbers) based on the channel. The system will select an email address or mobile number at random from the list/segment, but only one copy of the message will be delivered to the recipient.
  • Suppression records will not be counted in metrics such as Published or Sent.
  • The system will consider "Deduplication" when calculating the number of reachable users for a campaign.
  • When both the Deduplication and Frequency cap features are active for a campaign, the system will first apply deduplication logic and then frequency cap logic.
  • When you enable deduplication for a campaign, you will not be able to choose User Data Tables (UDT) for targeting under the Audience section.



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