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Branch is an industry-leading mobile measurement and deep linking platform, trusted by a number of top ranking apps to increase efficiency and revenue.

Branch broadly provides the following services:

  • Attribution
  • Deep Linking
  • Influencer Analytics
  • Data Feeds

On the basis of the above solutions provided Branch provide three types of integrations with 3rd party platforms:

  • ESP Intergration
  • Universal Ad Partner Integration
  • Data Integration



The prerequisite for operation of all these services is that the user should have the SDK integrated with their iOS or android application and for website the javascript should be integrated.

ESP Integration

The links created on the branch panel cannot be directly used in email campaigns as this leads to issues in redirection.
To overcome this problem, CEE has an ESP Integration with .
Post the ESP integration the redirection in your Emails will work as per your setup in your branch dashboard.

Please follow the following steps to achieve successful ESP Integration:

  • Please go through the integration documentation and carry out the pre-requisite steps.
  • Contact your CEE POC to get your click tracking domain and CEE domain which are required as input on the dashboard.
  • After the successful configuration, you will be able to send use for deep linking for emails sent using the CEE Panel.


Steps to carry out internally:

  • Get the click tracking domain
    • Get the click tracking domain CNAME pointed to branch server(third
    • Get the LTUT server domain for the client.
    • Click tracking domain and LTUT server domain to be configured on branch dashboard by the client.
    • Have the devops team run the migration script and follow the configuration steps to activate the feature.

Client side Configuration on the Branch panel


Point To Remember

The embedded links will need to be marked by the user as deep link or web link when the user is setting up the content for the mailers. Please refer the image below.


Marked Links