SMS 2.0 (New)

Please follow the instructions below to create an SMS template on the Netcore customer engagement panel:

  • Using your credentials, log in to the Netcore customer engagement panel.
  • After logging in, go to the left-hand menu bar and select content, then SMS.
  • The SMS listing page will open, and you may either create a new template or utilize one of your already created templates.
  • To make a new template, go to the top right and side of the panel and click on create a template.
  • You can create an SMS template in two steps: first, set up the template details by entering the template name, DLT template ID, and category if applicable, or just identify it as uncategorized.
  • second, content type your message in the provided Textbox, keeping in mind the total number of characters in the message, which is displayed underneath the Textbox. Please keep in mind that one message equals 160 characters.
  • On the right-hand side, you can see a preview of your SMS as it will appear on Android and iOS.
  • Save it and send it for approval. Pending will appear as the status. You can use the template once you've received approval.


NOTE: Please verify DLT template ID & SMS template before saving. It should match with SMS approved by DLT, else it will be blocked by the telecom operator.