User Data Table

A user data table is an additional source of characteristics (Eg: Email, Address) of your contacts that can be then used to personalize and target campaigns.

Create User Data Table

Create User Data Table

The contact details added to a user data table does not alter or impact a contacts details that is available on the CE panel contact master.

Campaign Targeting

Campaigns with user data table as the target audience can run on the following:


  • Email
  • SMS
  • APN

Thumb rule

Users associated in a user data table MUST be present in the contact master for them to be communicated to.

In essence, if a user exists in a user data table but is not present in the panel contact master - the user will be automatically be added to the contact master. However, only the primary key of the user gets added, attributes pertaining to the user remain in the user data table.

Creating a User Data Table

The process of creating a user data table and uploading contacts into it follows the same pattern as uploading list on CE.


Points of note

  • CSV to be uploaded into a user data table must include the panel primary key as the first column.
  • For executing SMS and Email campaigns on user data table, email and mobile handles must be present on the user data table.
  • Editing a User Data Table: Updating or editing users on a existing data table is not supported.
  • Attribute values on a data table once set cannot be altered.
  • No limit to the number of user data tables, however 45 days “non-usage” archival policy will be in place.


Campaigns with user data table as the target audience can run on the following:


  • Email
  • SMS
  • APN


A campaign on CE is setup in the following manner:


Campaign creation process on CE dashboard

Testing a User Data Table Campaign

Testing a campaign with User data table as the target, is simple as it is swift.

Test the campaign, on the set of test users you want, with the exact campaign personalization. Upload your test users csv on the campaign flow itself, test - once satisfied send your customers the content you want to send.


Points of note

  • As any 2 or more user data tables can have different attribute values for the same user, a single user data table can be used per campaign.
  • User data table cannot be used on a campaign along with a list or segment.
  • Users uploaded via a csv for test flow of a campaign must be present in the panel contact master.


Attribute based message personalisation for all channels (email, sms, app push, web push) in the journey will be based ONLY on the selected data table.
“Perform Action”
All channel communication get personalised and get contact handles for the data table


  • User data table is unavailable for Trigger-based journeys
  • Webhook: Unavailable for User data table journeys
  • Attribute update is unavailable
  • Wait for event: UDT in List activity would be unavailable


As user data table is an additional data source of targeting and personalizing a campaign, reports for such campaign will be from the same source.

While downloading a custom detailed report or scheduling a detailed report, the data source will need to be selected.

For a contact master campaign report, select “Contact master. For a User Data Table campaign report, select “User Data Table” (With all attributes being sent on the report).


Points of note:

  • If a User data table is deleted, reports for campaigns which used said user data table will not be available.
  • For a custom detailed report or a report scheduled with multiple campaigns, report will consist of a zip file with separate CSVs for the campaigns.

Other Impact areas

  • Segmentation
    Segmentation on user data table attributes is not supported currently. However, segmentation on activity can be done.
  • Following features work as is and would see no changes
    Suppression list
    Frequency capping
    Set limit
    Maker - checker