Compliance policies

It is important to stay compliant when communicating with customers over Zalo. These measures include abiding by local rules and laws about customer data protection.

Non-compliance may result in being blocked from using the communication channel or being suspended permanently.


Zalo services are available only to Vietnam-based companies. However, you can send ZNS messages to customers located in other countries.

Zalo Notification Service (ZNS)

Obtaining Consent

To send notifications using ZNS, your customers do not need to subscribe to your Zalo Official Account. However, you can contact a customer only in the following situations:

The customer consents to being contacted and provides you with a contact phone number.
You notify the customer in advance about the purpose and conditions of sending notification messages.

One Message for Each Transaction

Please note that you can send only one message about each transaction. For instance, you can send only one message reminding customers about payment.

Message Templates

When sending notification messages through ZNS, you must use predefined message templates that are approved by Zalo. Your Netcore account manager will assist you in preparing for the review process.

Typically the message templates have to approved over email with [email protected]

Use this Zalo template format for getting template approved.