Bold Metrics

Learn to integrate Bold Metrics in Netcore's CE dashboard.


Bold Metrics' AI-powered solutions help apparel brands and retailers unlock the power of body data to boost conversion, improve sustainability, and generate valuable insights across the organization.

Integration Overview

  • Bold Metrics and Netcore create a seamless data stream around returns. It helps further reduce returns with data-charged insights and accurate customer sizing recommendations.
  • The dynamic partnership creates a scalable and easy way to boost utility around existing data streams while providing contextualized fitting options for each garment style. Brands see an actionable return reduction and an elevated online customer experience to supercharge eCommerce at scale.

Integration benefits

Bold Metrics' innovative solutions supercharge supply chains through actionable insights based on actual customer body measurements and advanced machine-learning technologies. Now brands can design with data-led insights to create products based on real customer body data, streamlining production and reducing unnecessary waste. No scanners, photos, or measuring tape are required.



  • An active Netcore account with administrative privileges.
  • An active Bold Metrics account with API access.
  • Ensure both platforms are updated to their latest versions.

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