Learn to integrate Kaleyra in Netcore's CE dashboard.


Kaleyra is a global cloud communications platform that enables enterprises to connect with customers through SMS, voice, and other communication channels. As a technology partner, Kaleyra provides a robust API and a suite of tools to facilitate seamless communication and engagement with customers, enhancing customer experience and driving business growth.

Integration Benefits

  • Enhanced Communication: Utilize Kaleyra's SMS and voice capabilities to enhance customer communication.
  • Omnichannel Engagement: Deliver messages across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive customer experience.
  • Improved Reach: Leverage Kaleyra’s global network to effectively reach customers in various regions.
  • Real-time Analytics: Access real-time analytics and reporting on communication performance to optimize strategies.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Kaleyra’s communication tools directly into Netcore’s marketing platform for streamlined operations.



Please make sure that you have the login credentials: the API secret for the SMS Kaleyra Account. If you have any issues with the credentials or if you do not have the credentials, contact Kaleyra support.

Enable Integration

API Access: Both platforms must provide accessible APIs for data exchange.
Authentication Credentials: Securely share API keys and tokens between Netcore and Jebbit.
Data Mapping: Clearly define the data fields and formats for seamless data transfer.
Technical Support: Ensure the availability of technical support teams from both sides during the integration process.
Compliance and Security: Adhere to data privacy regulations and security standards throughout the integration.

Steps to Enable Delivery Tracking in Kaleyra

  1. Login to kaleyra.io
  2. Click on the Profile name in the top right corner
  3. Click on Settings in the list
  4. On the page that loads, click on the Settings tab. Add Netcore in the text area in the Enable WhatsApp Callback URLs section.
  5. Click Save