Twilio Segment

The Twilio Segment is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) product designed to simplify data collection, transformation, and utilization for your digital properties. With Segment, you can collect, transform, send, and archive first-party customer data effortlessly. It streamlines the process of connecting new tools, saving time for data utilization.

In this integration guide, we can explore how to seamlessly integrate Segment's powerful data collection and management capabilities with Netcore's CE platform. By leveraging this integration, you can unlock the full potential of their customer data, driving enhanced insights, personalized engagement strategies, and accelerated growth.
For more information on Segmentation, refer here.

Integration Overview

Netcore leverages Amazon EventBridge for seamless data ingestion, enabling behavioral events and computed traits from Segment to flow seamlessly into Netcore for comprehensive analysis, insights, and personalized engagement strategies.

Key Features: Integration Benefits

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Netcore enables the collection and ingestion of diverse customer behavioral events and computed traits.
  • Seamless Integration: Setting up the connection within your Segment account is swift and straightforward, facilitating seamless data transfer.
  • Flexible Transformation: Netcore supports various transformation options to accommodate diverse data ingestion requirements.

Event Types

The following event types are supported:

  • Track
  • Identify
  • Page

To integrate Twilio Segment with Netcore CE, you need to do the following:

  1. Fetch Source ID from Twilio Segment dashboard.
  2. Integrate Netcore in Twilio Segment.