Integrate Netcore in Mixpanel

Learn to integrate Mixpanel in Netcore's CE dashboard.

The Netcore and Mixpanel integration provides valuable insights into customer behavior, enhancing marketing and product strategies. It enables effortless import of cohort data from Mixpanel into Netcore's CE dashboard.

In this integration guide, you learn to export Mixpanel cohorts and import them into Netcore's CE dashboard.


Ensure the following prerequisites are met before importing data from Mixpanel.

  1. Integrate Netcore Cloud CE SDK, $ncExternalIdentity in Mixpanel using Mixpanel SDK methods.
  2. Enable Mixpanel Integration in the Netcore CE dashboard.
  3. Enable NetcoreCloud Integration in the Mixpanel dashboard.

Set Common User Identifier between Netcore and Mixpanel

To establish a common user identifier between Netcore and Mixpanel, do the following.

  • Netcore introduces $ncExternalIdentity attribute, consistently accessible through a SDK method.

Refer to User Identity Management for details on identifying users during Mixpanel and Netcore CE synchronization.

Using SDK Method

The SDK method provides access to $ncExternalIdentity. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate it with Mixpanel.

String ncExternalIdentity = Smartech.getInstance(new WeakReference<>(context)).getUserExternalIdentity();

// Sets user "ncExternalIdentity" attribute to "306078554e98924f3af2770466bba49a7fd083be8246f6031da0ea0d5940b75a"
mixpanel.getPeople().set("ncExternalIdentity", "306078554e98924f3af2770466bba49a7fd083be8246f6031da0ea0d5940b75a");
val ncExternalIdentity = Smartech.getInstance( WeakReference<>(context)).getExternalIdentity();
// Sets user "ncExternalIdentity" attribute to "306078554e98924f3af2770466bba49a7fd083be8246f6031da0ea0d5940b75a"
mixpanel.people.set("ncExternalIdentity", ncExternalIdentity)
NSString *ncExternalIdentity = [[Smartech sharedInstance] getExternalIdentity];
// Sets user "ncExternalIdentity" attribute to "306078554e98924f3af2770466bba49a7fd083be8246f6031da0ea0d5940b75a"
[mixpanel.people set:@{@"ncExternalIdentity": ncExternalIdentity}];
let ncExternalIdentity = Smartech.sharedInstance().getExternalIdentity()
// Sets user "ncExternalIdentity" attribute to "306078554e98924f3af2770466bba49a7fd083be8246f6031da0ea0d5940b75a"
Mixpanel.mainInstance().people.set(properties: [ "ncExternalIdentity": ncExternalIdentity])

User Identity Management

Mixpanel exclusively shares identified users with partners like Netcore. When segments are received from Mixpanel, user identity matching occurs as follows:

  • During synchronization:
    • If $ncExternalIdentity is present, it matches ExternalIdentity values in the Netcore CE dashboard. Matching profiles are integrated, identifying the user in Netcore.
    • If $ncExternalIdentity is absent or does not match, a new user profile is created in Netcore CE dashboard.

Additionally, Mixpanel shares users' email and phone numbers with Netcore CE during exports, updating profiles in Netcore CE.

Enable Mixpanel Integration

Follow these steps to integrate Mixpanel in your Netcore CE dashboard.

  1. Log in to the Netcore CE dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Mixpanel under the Analytics Module section. The Integration modal appears.
Access Mixpanel in Netcore's CE Dashboard

Access Mixpanel in Netcore's CE Dashboard

  1. Select Add Integration.
  2. Enter the Connection Name. The DATA IMPORT option appears.
  3. Click Activate after entering the connection name in the DATA IMPORT tab. The integration is now active and appears under the Connected tab.



Copy the App ID and App Key to enter in the Mixpanel dashboard.

Enable Netcore Cloud Integration in Mixpanel

Follow these steps to enable Netcore Cloud Integration in Mixpanel and set up a Connector.

  1. Log in to Mixpanel and navigate to Integrations section.
Integrations in Mixpanel Dashboard

Integrations in Mixpanel Dashboard

  1. Select Netcore CE and click Connect.
  2. Enter the App ID, App Key, and Region Endpoint to authorize the connection.
Mixpanel Cohort Import Configuration Details

Mixpanel Cohort Import Configuration Details

  1. Provide the App ID, App Key, and Region Endpoint values to configure the connection in the Mixpanel Dashboard.
  2. Click Save and Activate to proceed.


Points to Remember

  • The Regional Endpoint is always formatted as \<CEE_REGIONAL_ENDPOINT>/mixpanel/\<APP_ID>.
  • During cohort sync setup in the Mixpanel dashboard, use basic authentication.
  • The generated App ID and App Key serve as the username and password for basic authentication with Netcore.

Refer to the following table to identify the region for your account:

Import Cohorts

Follow these steps to import cohorts from Mixpanel. This gives you insights into your targeted campaigns and optimized user experiences.

  1. Navigate to Cohorts in the Mixpanel dashboard.
  2. Choose a cohort and click Export to > Netcore CE.
  3. Select one of the following sync types:
  • One-time sync: This option imports the cohort data once. Mixpanel sends a single list of users belonging to the cohort at that specific moment to Netcore CE.
  • Dynamic syncing: This option automatically syncs the cohort with the Netcore CE dashboard at a predefined frequency. The imported segment is updated regularly to reflect the latest list of users within the cohort.
  1. Click Start Sync to start the data transfer.
  2. Access the imported data in the List tab of the Netcore CE dashboard with the _mx suffix.