Guide to integrating RCS with the Netcore's CE dashboard.

The Rich Communication Services(RCS) template integrated in Netcore CE Content Management is a feature that allows you to create and manage RCS templates directly within our Netcore CE accounts. This is a communication channel that enables messaging experiences, offering features such as rich media, interactive elements, and improved deliverability compared to our traditional SMS.

You require a Netcore CE account integrated with CPaaS to access RCS.

Enable RCS in Netcore CE

To enable RCS in Netcore CE, follow these steps based on your CPaaS account status:

Do not have a CPaaS Account

  1. Create and launch your RCS bot verified by Google. Refer here to learn about the bot verification process.
  2. After launching (approximately 5-6 business days), the Netcore helpdesk will activate RCS for your account.
  3. Next, use your CPaaS account API key to enable RCS. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google RCS . Watch the video tutorial below for a detailed walkthrough.



  • An RCS bot allows a brand to communicate with users through rich, interactive messages within the app.
  • Every bot has a unique bot name/sender name.

Have a CPaaS Account

  1. If RCS is not activated in CPaaS:
    Refer here to create and launch a Google-verified RCS bot. After launching (approximately 5-6 business days), the Netcore helpdesk will activate RCS for your account.
  2. If RCS is activated in CPaaS:
    1. Enable it in Netcore's CE dashboard by using your CPaaS account API key.
    2. Access this feature by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Google RCS. For a step-by-step guide, refer to the video below.



Integration details, once added, cannot be edited or deleted. Please ensure you verify your API key, bot name, and other configurations carefully.


Important Note

  • Each CPaaS account can only be linked with one Netcore CE account.
  • If you have multiple bots live for RCS, separate CPaaS and CE accounts need to be created.
  • A CPaaS account cannot be removed or updated once integrated.