Support for additional CTA buttons

With the growing amount of use cases that customers have on WhatsApp - Meta has also added the support for additional CTA buttons.

  1. Support for upto 10 QR (Quick Reply) buttons.
  2. Support for 2 URL buttons.
  3. Support for 1 copy code.
  4. Support for 1 complete form.
  5. Support for 1 "Call Me" button.
  6. Support for Authentication templates.

Some of these support has not been made readily available on platform yet, but workarounds exist to create these support from Meta Business Account manager.

You can raise a request to [email protected] for such requests, with the below details

  1. Template Name : (It could be an existing template or a new template that has to be created}
  2. Content : (optional) - This is only required if the template name suggested is a new one and not an exisiting template.
  3. Number of CTA's to be added:
  4. CTA Button type : {Quick Reply || URL || Call me}
  5. CTA Text : For eg. Visit Me , Stop Promotions , Click Here, Interested
  6. CTA URL : (optional) Incase the CTA Button type is URL

If you have multiple templates, then share multiple requests within the same email.

Below video is for support team consumption : How to enhance templates with multiple CTA buttons?