Learn to integrate Digioh in Netcore's CE dashboard.

Digioh Overview

Digioh is a powerful lead generation and data collection platform that specializes in creating customizable forms and pop-ups to capture user data. By integrating Digioh with Netcore, businesses can efficiently collect and manage leads, enhancing their marketing strategies with robust data collection capabilities. Digioh’s user-friendly interface complements Netcore’s marketing automation, allowing seamless data flow and enriched customer insights.

Integration Overview

Integrating Netcore and Digioh enables users to capture lead data directly from Digioh forms and pop-ups into Netcore. Then, trigger behavioral emails (for example, cart abandonment campaigns, back-in-stock notifications, coupon code reminders, and more). This integration facilitates the automatic transfer of collected data, ensuring real-time synchronization and efficient data management. Combining Digioh’s customizable data collection tools with Netcore’s marketing automation platform allows businesses to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Integration Benefits

Here are the key benefits of this integration.

  • Streamlined Data Collection: Automatically capture and transfer lead data from Digioh forms to Netcore, reducing manual data entry.
  • Real-time Data Synchronization: Ensure all collected data is immediately available in Netcore for timely analysis and action.
  • Enhanced Campaign Targeting: Use the rich data collected through Digioh to create highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns in Netcore.
  • Improved Lead Management: Efficiently manage and nurture leads by leveraging the combined strengths of Digioh’s data collection and Netcore’s marketing automation capabilities.



  • An active Netcore account with administrative privileges.
  • An active Digioh account with access to API keys.
  • Ensure both platforms are updated to their latest versions.

Enable Digioh Integration

Follow these steps to integrate Digioh with your Netcore CE dashboard:

  1. Log in to Netcore CE Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Digioh under the Integrations section. The Integration modal appears.
  3. Select Add Integration.
  4. Enter the Connection Name, click Activate. The integration is now active and appears under the Connected tab.