BPN Broadcast


Browser Push Notification (BPN) is a clickable message that appears on the browser, irrespective of the fact whether the contact is active or not active on your website.

There is no contact information (email ID, mobile number, etc.) required to send these notifications. Hence, these can be sent to Identified as well as Anonymous contacts. However, these can be sent only when the contact has subscribed or agreed to receive notifications.

A pop-up dialog box appears on the browser that asks the contact to allow or deny displaying of the Browser Push Notifications.

Smartech currently supports BPNs for Chrome & Firefox, for both desktop and mobile.

You need to integrate your website with Smartech. Click here to know website integration.

You may refer the video tutorial BPN Broadcast

To send a BPN Broadcast

  • Go to Campaigns > Broadcasts > Browser Push Notification > Regular.
  • In the Broadcast Information section, provide a relevant name to the broadcast. You can tag the broadcast if you wish.
  • In the Contacts section, select the contacts to whom you wish to send the broadcast. You can either select all the contacts (all those who have subscribed to BPN), or you can select specific Lists or Segments.
  • In the Message section:
    a. At the Select Site drop-down, select the website for which the contacts have opted in to receive BPNs
    b. Content – In the content section,
  • Image: The image that you want to display in the notification. You can either upload the image from your local system or provide the URL of the server where the image is hosted.
  • Title: The title of the notification.
  • Text: The text content of the message.
  • Call to Action – should be http/https based URL. When contact receives the notification, he/she can click the CTA and can be redirected to a landing page on the website or app.
  • Advanced Options:
    a. Add Large Image – You can add a large image to the notification to attract the viewer. If you wish to, select the option and add the image either by providing the URL to the server where the image is located or upload a file from your system.
    b. Add CTA 1 & Add CTA 2– You can include additional CTAs. These appear as buttons in the notification.
    c. Auto-hide notification after 20 seconds – If you wish the notification to get hidden automatically after 20 seconds, check this option.
  • Time to Live – is the lifespan of the notification and it corresponds to the maximum period of time for which FCM stores and attempts to deliver the message. The value can be from 0 to 2419200 (672 hours/28 days). When you say TTL as 0 seconds then it implies, the message should be sent “now or never”. Hence, if the notification cannot be delivered now, it can be discarded.
  • External Tracking: By adding the UTM parameters, you can attribute your website traffic to the notification messages.
  • Test: Before sending the broadcast to the contacts, you can test the notification on your browser. You can make edits if required and then preview it.
  • In the Schedule Broadcast section, choose if you wish to send the broadcast right away, or schedule it for a later point in time.
  • Click Preview and Publish to see the preview.
  • Ensure all the content is as required, and click Publish to World to send the broadcast.

Overall Browser Push Notification campaign analysis are shown on the BPN dashboard. You can view the reports in the Insights section.

To personalise Attribute/Activity data in BPN

Click here

Emoji Compatibility

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