Customer Engagement

For Android SDK

Step 1: Complete basic setup
Go to Basic Setup to start integrating your Android project with CEE Plugin.

Step 2: Integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging in your app
Please follow Google’s Documentation to set up FCM Plugin in your app, if it is not already done.

Provide token via setDevicePushToken() and notification payload via handlePushNotification() methods to CEE SDK. handlePushNotification() method will only display a notification if the Notification payload originated from Netcore and will safely ignore if not. The code of the class should look similar to the following:

if (Platform.isAndroid) {
	var token = await FirebaseMessaging.instance.getToken();

	FirebaseMessaging.onMessage.listen((event) {
      if (event != null) {
        if ( != null) {

//This method for to handle background notification

Future<void> _firebaseMessagingBackgroundHandler(RemoteMessage message) async {
  await Firebase.initializeApp();


Retrieving Deeplink Data

Register the BroadcastReceiver inside the Application class.

DeeplinkReceivers deeplinkReceiver = new DeeplinkReceivers();
IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter("com.smartech.EVENT_PN_INBOX_CLICK");
registerReceiver(deeplinkReceiver, filter);
val deeplinkReceiver = DeeplinkReceivers()
val filter = IntentFilter("com.smartech.EVENT_PN_INBOX_CLICK")
registerReceiver(deeplinkReceiver, filter)

Write the following code in the onCreate function of the launcher activity of your application.

new DeeplinkReceivers().onReceive(this, getIntent());
DeeplinkReceivers().onReceive(this, intent)

*Handling deeplink

The below method will provide the deep link value and custom payload.

SmartechPlugin().handleDeeplinkAction((String? link, Map<dynamic, dynamic>? map, bool? isAfterTerminated) {
    if (link == null || link.isEmpty) {
    // Handle the deeplink

We also need to handle deeplink in the terminate state so add the below code inside the main. dart file or put inside the class called by your application.



Go to Customer Engagement to start integrating your iOS project with CEE Plugin.

Retrieving Deeplink Data

func handleDeeplinkAction(withURLString deeplinkURLString: String, andCustomPayload customPayload: [AnyHashable : Any]?) {
        SwiftSmartechPlugin.handleDeeplinkAction(withURLString: deeplinkURLString, andCustomPayload: customPayload)
      .handleDeeplinkAction((String link, Map<dynamic, dynamic> map) {


Go on to setting up user and event tracking or go back to basic setup