Unified View of Contact

Unified View of Contact enables you to view a contact as an individual and gives the power to see all the profile & activity data in real time. It provides a multi-dimensional single view of a contact. Unified View of the Contact comprises contacts’ demographic data, transaction history and their real time activities across channels - all in one place.

To see the Unified View of a Contact, go to Data > Contacts > All Contacts, and click Details link against the Contact whom you wish to view.

In the Unified View, you can see:

  • The profile information - attributes along with their values, date and time of last modification done, primary key and its value.
  • An overview of total number of communications (email, SMS, Push Notification, Voice Call) sent along with the performance metrics (open rate, click rate) for each.
  • The activities like opens, clicks, etc. performed by the contact in real time.
  • The number of lists, segments, and automations that the contact is a part of.