Maker Checker


The Maker-Checker feature introduces a robust workflow into the Customer Engagement product, enhancing security and quality control in campaign creation. This documentation outlines detailed steps for enabling and utilizing the Maker-Checker functionality for Email, SMS, App Push, WhatsApp, Web Push, and Onsite channels.

Enabling Maker-Checker

Enable Maker-Checker functionality from the Account configuration within Customer Engagement.

  1. Navigate to Account Configuration.
  2. Enable the Maker-Checker toggle.

Roles and Permissions

Maker Role:

Granted view permissions for all modules.
Ability to send campaigns for approval.
Capability to edit and duplicate campaigns before sending them for approval.

Checker Role:

Granted view permissions for all modules.
Authority to approve or reject campaigns.

Segregation of Duties:

Users can have either the Maker or Checker role, but not both.



  • Custom roles do not have conflicting permissions, maintaining role integrity.
  • Editing and duplicating campaigns are available only if view permissions are assigned.
  • In case maker edits a sent campaign - status will change to draft/pending review/approved/rejected as per actions from the checker. However, metrics on the campaign will reflect once the approved campaign is published again.

Campaign Workflow

  1. Campaign Submission:

Makers can send campaigns for approval.
Campaigns sent for approval appear under "Pending Review" status.

  1. Approval Process:

Checkers can approve or reject campaigns.
Approved campaigns move to the "Approved" status.
Rejected campaigns are listed under the "Rejected" status.

Users without Maker or Checker roles can view campaigns and their statuses.

Automated Emails for notification

Notifications are sent to users with Maker and Checker roles for campaign submission, approval, or rejection.


The Maker-Checker feature is designed to streamline the campaign creation process, ensuring meticulous review and approval. For any questions or issues, please refer to the support team or the latest documentation. Happy campaigning! πŸš€