Send Time Optimization in APN

Send Time Optimization is one of the many Machine Learning Capabilities of CEE. You can personalise communication time for every user basis the user's engagement behaviour with your brand.
Here, a user is sent an App push notification as per his Preferred time. In essence, if a user clicks most of his APNs at 1:00 PM, he will be sent APN at 1:00 PM the next time with STO, as he is likely to click on his APN then.

Raman (Netcore ML Engine) considers the user's past engagement behaviour of interacting with the APNs
to predict and assign a preferred hour for each user fulfilling the eligibility criteria, rest of the users will be grouped under unpredictable base.
So, in every STO, Raman will send the communication to all users at their preferred time which in turn will lead to better click rates. These campaigns will be executed across 24 hour from the selected start time of the campaign.
The unpredictable base is sent a communication at the 23rd hour in the entire 24 hour cycle essentially towards the end of the campaign this group consists mostly of the inactive users.



STO in APN will only work with the Regular APN Campaigns. It will not work with the A/B campaigns.
To enable this feature please contact [email protected]
The Send Time Optimization algorithm training duration is 24 hrs (max)

While creating APN Campaign, you will be able to find the option for sending the APN to users on their preferred time.
As shown in screen below, when you chose to send the Campaign via STO, you will have two options;
Send the STO campaign immediately: Here, when the campaign is published, the campaign will be sent via STO. The campaign will run for 24 hours. Ex. If a you select send Immediately and publish at 6:00 PM, the campaign will start from 6:00 PM till 6:00 PM next day.


Send the STO campaign later: Here, you can schedule the campaign to be started on later time/date. Once the time/date arrives, campaign will be sent to users on their preferred time and will run for 24 hours.

User can also test the STO campaigns by selecting Control Group. Here a set of users (Control Group) will be sent APNs at a specific time selected by you and other identified users will be sent the APNs on their preferred time slot. This has been provided so that you can compare how STO is performing as compare to Control Group.
Once the option to test the campaign via control group is selected, you will be able to select the percentage of customers you wants to keep in the control group. The minimum limit of control group is 5% and maximum limit is 50%.
You will also be able to schedule the time for the Control Group.



Using Control Group will lead to an Opportunity Loss as these are users for whom we know the preferred time and still we are choosing to send them the APNs at some time other than their preferred time.

Once the campaign is published, you will be able to see the same in the APN stats.



Enabling STO APN

Enabling of the STO in APN requires a basic criteria to be fulfilled.

  1. At least 10 campaigns (Broadcast) done in last 3 months.
  2. Average Click Rate for the campaigns to be greater than 2%.
  3. Minimum active users on the panel should be greater than 10,000.

Once the above conditions are met, the client will be eligible to activate the STO in APN and can start using STO in APN post that.