Netcore Smartech is now 'Netcore Customer Engagement & Experience platform' and with that new identity comes to a new design language, simplified information architecture, easy-to-use navigation, and a host of new features on user journeys, analytics, insights, and dashboards that AI powers

A whole new and refreshing user experience with new intuitive icons and a seamless interface blended with a lean & intuitive information architecture with easy navigation and user-friendly menu icons which by the way comes to life when you interact with them.

We heard the feedback from our customers and introduced ‘Switch Account Functionality’ which enables a user to switch between multiple Netcore accounts without logging out unlike before.

We came across many success stories around the benefits of Raman-led capabilities, so we have made it always accessible on the product header so that users can access actionable Raman insights from anywhere within the product.

We also analyzed our user behaviors on our product and noticed that more than half of our users would go to the campaigns section post logging into the product to create a new campaign. So we took a data-driven call to add an always accessible quick create functionality so that you can create campaigns, analytics, templates, and audience from anywhere inside the product in a single click.

Users can now see all of the campaigns in one place thanks to a unified campaign listing. The listing includes campaign information and statistics, allowing users to analyze the most recent campaigns in one place.

Are you as excited as we are? here is a sneak peek!

Netcore Clouds New CE Avatar - A detailed walkthrough video