Send Time Optimisation in Email

Send Time Optimization is one of CEE's many Machine Learning Capabilities. With it, you can personalize communication time for every user based on their engagement behavior with your brand.
Here, a user is sent an email as per his Preferred time. If a user opens most of his emails at 1:00 PM, he will be sent the email at 1:00 PM the next time with STO, as he is likely to open his email then.

Raman (Netcore ML Engine) considers the user's past engagement behavior of interacting with the emails
to predict and assign a preferred hour for each user fulfilling the eligibility criteria; the rest of the users will be grouped under an unpredictable base.
So, in every STO, Raman will send the communication to all users at their preferred time, which will, in turn, lead to better open rates. These campaigns will be executed within 24 hours of the selected start time.
The unpredictable base is sent a communication at the 23rd hour of the entire 24-hour cycle, essentially towards the end of the campaign. This group consists mostly of inactive users.



STO only works on regular email campaigns.
To enable this feature, please contact [email protected]
The Send Time Optimisation algorithm training duration is 24 hrs (max)


Optimize with Raman

  • Predictable count is the count of users for whom preferred hour has been predicted by the STO model.
  • Control Group users will receive the email according to the default date and time, whereas unpredictable users will receive it at the 23rd hour of the 24-hour cycle from the start time.
  • End time will be automatically calculated 24 hours from start time.

Preview the Email Campaign

Campaign Listing
The STO output will be visible under Engage> Campaigns section.


Email Campaign Metrics

Criteria for enabling AIML based Send time Optimisation
STO Model Considers campaigns for last 3-month

To Activate STO on Panel, following criteria should be satisfied:

  • At least 10 Broadcast Campaigns should be there in last 3 months
  • Overall Open Rates of those Campaigns should be greater than 5%
  • Minimum user count on the panel should be greater than 10,000


To enable this feature please contact [email protected]