Send Time Optimisation in Email

Send Time Optimisation is a ML based campaign. Basis on user's historic behaviour and data, Smartech will predict and send at the prefered open time for a user, resulting in better open rates. These campaigns will be executed across 24 hour.



STO only works on regular email campaigns.
To enable this feature please contact [email protected]
The Send Time Optimisation algorithm training duration is 24 hrs (max)



  • Predictable count is the count of users who STO is predicted by the STO algorithm.
  • Control Group users will receive the email according to default date & time whereas unpredictable users will receive this email after 24 hrs time from start time
  • End time will be automatically calculated 24 hours from start time

The STO output will be visible in email stats section.


Criteria for enabling AIML based Send time Optimisation
STO Model Considers campaigns for last 3-month

To Activate STO on Panel, following criteria should be satisfied:

  • At least 10 Broadcast Campaigns should be there in last 3 months
  • Overall Open Rates of those Campaigns should be greater than 5%
  • Minimum user count on the panel should be greater than 10,000


To enable this feature please contact [email protected]