What is Journey?

Journey is a feature in Customer Engagement and Experience platform that helps you create multi-channel automated workflows. These workflows can replace the repetitive marketing tasks like sending communication messages through different channels, checking the contacts’ reaction to content you send them and sending communication based on their actions etc. Journey building is simple, easy to use, and requires no coding skills to build them. You can convert complex business cases to a sequence of actions and conditions. It is basically based on the concept of IFTTT (If-This-Then-That).

What is the use of Journey?

Journeys help in:

  • sending the right communication to the right customers at any point of the customer lifecycle.
  • making your marketing activities fast
  • making your efforts more effective and efficient
  • organising your marketing activities

The Journey feature is available in the Left Navigation Panel under the Engage Tab, The Journey listing page will show all the previous journey created by you with journey status.



Uses Cases recommended for e-commerce

Welcome automation for new registered users
New user engagement with the brand and thus increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

Cart abandonment automation
User persuasion and engagement with brand to purchase the product added to cart.

Recommendation automation (cross sell, up sell)
Keep them engage and persuade them to buy something additional or more expensive based on their past purchase behaviour.

Customer feedback automation
Treat dissatisfied on priority and convert them into satisfied customers.


Use cases recommended for BFSI sector

Data enrichment automation
To generate 360 degree customer view with the help of existing incomplete database.
Lead acquisition through referral
Lead generation through existing customers via a referral campaign.
Lead nurturing automation
Setup a lead scoring system and once a lead reaches a certain score, immediately transfer them to sales.
Dropped leads recycling automation
Convert non-interested leads who have dropped out due to various reasons to make them sales-ready.
Cycle base sale automation (product/policy warranty renewal, EMI reminder)
To re-engage and re-target the existing customers with the brand for some policy renewals.


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